Weekly Card Reveal

Doubt is part of the human experience

Doubt is part of the human experience.


We all have it, remember that when you find yourself doubting.


There are times it is a good thing to have some doubt to encourage you to question yourself and make sure it is what you want. It is another to use it as a weapon against you.

Looking at what you are doing with your life is not a bad thing and doubt can help fuel that. A healthy examination lets you know that you are on track. It can help you identify what needs help and where you want to go.


That’s awesome!

So next time doubt creeps up on you. Take a good look at it and what it is telling you. Look at it as a reminder to check in with you to evaluate the next step.

Here’s a Flip Thru of my last art journal.

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The Reveal!

Doubt is part of the human experience

This weeks deck is the Animalis Os Fortuna. The latest in the Froud’s Faery’s series.


Card 1
The Fool

Are you ready to leap? The Fool is always ready to leap into, he’s not going to stick the toe in to test it. It is all in with him. Look at where you are hemming and hewing. Just gotta test it, check it out one more time for the 80th millionth time. Stop the madness and leap or walk away and find something else to leap for. Are you in your way and how can you get out of it? What if you don’t want it?

Card 2
The Lovers

Can you find it in your heart? Take a minute to get still and slow down, let yourself be quiet. What do you hear or know in that moment? Make a choice to bring in stillness so you can know your signs and your ideas. Both are important. If you never take time to check in with you things get missed. How can being still help you not miss what you need? What is your heart telling you to do?

Card 3
Ace of Swords

Are you using your brain? There are times when you need to feel it and have all the feels about what you are doing. This is not one of them. Bring your brain in for a while and see where it takes you. There are times when you need to bring in logic and intellect to understand or make it out of something. Allow yourself to step back coolly if you need to so you can think it out. Are you reacting instead of responding? Where do you need logic to help you out?


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