Easy Self Care Tips
Self Care

Easy Self Care Tips

Easy Self Care Tips

Here’s how I am managing my self care the main guidelines are.


It makes you feel good or better.


Easy Self Care Tips

Keep it super extra duper super simple.

Especially if you have people working from home, kids being home schooled by the peeps working from home, care taking…


Practice compassion and kindness for self and others.

They are my three guidelines right now. I change anything that is not helping me out energetically, emotionally, or physically. Do what you need to keep yourself healthy and mentally okay.


There’s a lot of trauma in this event and that’s a heavy thing to deal with at the best of times. Your brain and body are not going to be 200 percent right now. Don’t expect you to be functioning at your normal.


On a bad day I aim for

Kindness and allowing feelings to process

Mark making and color blocking


Reread Favorite Books:

currently reading the Hobbit

Kitten cuddles


Here’s me practicing self care by mark making. I am getting ready for the 100 Day Project.


On a good day I aim for

Art Journaling

Energy clearing or grounding

Physical Exercise

Kitty Cuddles


Easy Self Care Tips
Sharing with the cat. The realty of a home gym.

These are not hard things to do. I am lucky in that my normal is work at home and I have a home gym. If you have a lot of disruption in your life routine or your families it is rough to find that new one that works for you.


Consistency can be a very friendly creature right now. It lets you know where you are and what’s happening in your day. There’s a touchstone of normal that comes in with consistency too. Don’t be afraid to be consistent in your routine.


If all else fails there’s always cream foods.

Easy Self Care Tips

Stay safe, keep your distance, wash your hands!


Never too late for the card reveal.

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