Eclipse Season Workshop Coming Soon

Eclipse Season Workshop Coming Soon

You may have heard that eclipse season

is coming and wondered to yourself…


What in the world is that and why do I care?
Both are very valid questions.


If you haven’t engaged with any eclipses first thing I suggest is to observe what happens in your life and how do you feel emotionally. They can often pack a lot of emotion in to a short period of time.


Eclipse Season Workshop Coming Soon

Simply noting how it shows up is a really good starting place to base further eclipse work. That’s how I got started with them because I noticed every time someone started on about eclipse season, I got wiped out.


Sometimes feeling overshadowed!
Emotional mess


It happened over and over!


Then I tarted to engage with them and that’s where things started to change. Are they still an intense time, YES! But I no longer feel like the lawn mower ran over me.

Each one gets honored in its own way. Sometimes ritual or journey work. A short tarot reading is a favorites of mine. Maybe simply making a note it is happening if exhaustion is there.


In the upcoming workshop you will learn what is eclipse season and how to use it to have a good one.


Sign up here for access.


It will be a not so live worship so you do not have to worry about showing up a specific time or date. If all goes as planned it will go out on 5-27-21 and stay up to 6-3-21.

Extra entertainment what to do with extra paint!