End of Year Forecast Emerge from the Shadows

You made to the last three months of a very tough year.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

But you still have to get through the next three months.

The good news is there is some big energies to work with

as you close our 2020.


End of Year Forecast Emerge from the Shadows

That’s where this forecast comes in for the end of the year. The End of the Year Forecast is aimed at creating empowered intention. In return you go into the next year more focused and unencumbered by 2020.


The End of the Year Forecast will help you navigate Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Mind your tongue and know how you want to use it to your advantage.


It also includes the last two Eclipses of the season a Lunar and Solar Eclipse. Learn how to use them to let go of excess energies and bring in the vibe you want. The End of Year Forecast will help you move stagnant energy and skip feeling overshadowed for Eclipse season.


Winter Solstice Ritual to help you emerge from the shadows to help you reach clarity as you move out of the dark and into the light.


The End of year Forecast aims to help you move out of this challenging year and into the next with clear energy and clarity of intent.



What’s all in the End of Year Forecast?

The Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Forecast
Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse Energies
Solstice Ritual

The forecasts include an two audios one with the energies and a second Light Language Transmission. Tarot spreads and rituals to use for Mercury Retrograde and the two Eclipse.


Thought Prompts to help you work out what’s inside and interact with the energies.

A Solstice Ritual to guide you through the dark into the return of the Sun.


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