Spiritual Musings

Experimenting with Spirituality

Experimenting with Spirituality


I like playing around with my spirituality and how I use it. Right now I am playing around with a layering of sacred geometry. What happens when you use multiples and what type of portals happen? That’s what I’m playing with, it is very exciting and has added a whole new flair to all I do.


Experimenting with Spirituality

That’s one of the fun parts about working on your own you can play as much as want and when you are ready you can start bringing it out into the world, if you want. Experimentation and play keep spiritual practices fresh and alive. It allows for you to try new modalities on and find out if they work for you. Even if they don’t it still brings in new choices and new paths to follow. Each experiment opens up new ways of being. Sometimes it rules out ways of being that don’t feel right for you.


Not working with something because it doesn’t groove with you is fine, just ‘cause it worked for 500 million others doesn’t mean it is going to be for you. Give it an honest chance though before dismissing it. There can be resistance to introducing the new into your spiritual life. Make sure you know why you don’t like it. That said there are things which just will not call to you and that’s okay too. It would be very boring if we all loved and did the same things.


I’ll let you know how the layered grids go when they’ve had some time to really work work deep What are you experimenting with on a spiritual level?



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