Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019

Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019

Here’s what I’ve reached for over and over this year.

The wonderful thing about mixed media is you have all this stuff at your finger tips, this is also the curse of mixed media, too many choices. But you usually have a few supplies that you grab over and over.


Sometimes you rediscover old loves and meet others. Here are five of my top five favorites for 2019. Heavy Body acrylics isn’t on the list but I have gravitated to them and acrylic inks this year. They get an honorable mention for being staples in my artistic practice.


Favorite Arts Supplies 2019

Stabilo marks all!

I have them in every color I can get them. They get used at all stages and make a great tool for sketching on acrylics. Being able to wipe it off if you need to, so awesome. They get used to redefine features in the mid-layers of face. They even get used to finish up piece. This was done for Cosmic Earth Allies and wasn’t done until I did some scribbling.


Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019

Watercolor Paints

2019 is when they really came to the forefront and I learned how to use them. Mixed Media and acrylics are so very different from watercolor. There is no slop it on and cover it up. You have to pay attention to where the paint goes. It is very meditative and soothing. The translucency they have is so luscious.


Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019


LOVE IT and yes I was yelling. It creates interest and background texture. Collage can cover up mistakes that keep coming to the top, Dylusions ink sprays or Tombow markers are often culprits. It can be used on top. You can make it, find it, buy it. If it can glued down you can use it. One of my favorites collage items is pressed plants.


Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019

DIY Wet Palette

This changed how I paint. Being able to set up a palette, mix colors and have it be successful has been so awesome. Less paint waste is always a good thing and I like to paint off the same palette until it is used up or I am bored with it.


Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019

Art Journal

This practice has helped me expand as an artist and encourages me to try new things. It is a playground for experimentation, spell work, and working out emotions. I started making my own fairly quickly because I couldn’t find one I liked let alone loved.


Favorite Arts Supplies of 2019


Not an art supply but there’s an intention and energy setting workshop on December 4th @ 5 PM Mountain time. Get on the list for an invite.


I want beautiful socks & Healing

Need guidance check out the card reveal.


This week’s Library addition is an ink spray art class.

Fun & Easy!