Favorite Tarot Decks 2019

My mom bought me my first tarot deck back in the late 1980’s and I was hooked. I loved the symbol and meanings that tarot brought into my spirituality. There was a lot of study and using tarot to understand it and reading for friends. This was all back before the internet was even a thing.


Favorite Tarot Decks 201


My love of decks runs deep and I make a point of buying only the ones that I feel connected to and will use. All my decks are working decks and these are this years favorites.


Favorite Tarot Decks 2019

Illuminate & Activate is still on sale pick it up today.

It’s been called “crazy good”.

The Sakki-Sakki Tarot

This quickly become a overall favorite of mine from the second I bought it. Anytime I need a creativity boost I pull out this deck and start using it. It has a freedom and joy that I love about it and the book Monica wrote is well worth the buy.

Favorite Tarot Decks 201

The She Wolfe Tarot

Planets and deserts what is there not to love about that? This deck takes me deeper into a subject and works below the surface to create new paradigms. This deck gets used a lot for retrograde readings.

Favorite Tarot Decks 201

Morgan Greer Tarot

I think this was my second deck ever. Went on down to the Golden Braid when it was on 2nd south and picked it up. The colors are saturated and gem toned which is part of the reason why I love this deck so much. It’s been my daily pull deck for several months now.

Favorite Tarot Decks 201

Tarot of the Divine Legacy

This deck has my most favorite Queen of Wands card. It is a good standard deck and it hadn’t been used in a while and got rediscovered this year. This is an enjoyable deck that I still love to use.

Favorite Tarot Decks 201

Tarot of Dreams

Sometimes a deck gets ignored for a while then starts to call out to be used. That’s what this deck did and I remembered why I loved it. It has a variation with the suits that has a card for each element that represents the each on. I like that about this deck and when it shows up in a reading you know someone is deep into that element and needs to work with it.


Favorite Tarot Decks 201

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