Card Reveal

Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

So many Feels!


It feels as there is too much going on in my life.

Because there is!

That means I need to watch what I commit to doing and what.


Which lead me to choice to keep readings to the email list only. And that’s only when I open them. In a normal year, yeah they are open to all. Not this year!


Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

That means if you want a chance at a reading this year make sure you get on my email list. Even the May Day Sale and Get Crystal for 2023 will be list only in 2022.

Are you on the list?


Now the Reveal!

Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

This week’s deck is the Azucar Bone Oracle.

Pile One
Muerte – Crow

What message does Crow hold for you? Not all death is bad there can be many advantages that come out of a rebirth. To become something new and unknown out of what was. Embrace this moment and find out where it can take you? What scares you about this?

Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

Pile Two
Samhain – Cat

The reminder here is you can work with your ancestors year round. It will be much better and informative if you do it this way. It is not a one day a year type of practice. You need it to be year round. Set up a shrine for them and keep it up year round. Talk to them and bring them gifts. Do you only do ancestor work in the fall?

Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

Pile Three

This will be different for each of you, no one is getting the same gift. Your job is to unwrap this gift and take the time to explore it. It may simply be exploring what life changes need to happen. If you don’t open it and find out what’s there you will never know. Is that what you really want? What feels like a gift today?

Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

Moon – Lunar Moth

Time to break down (like a card board box) what’s not needed in your life. Toss that break down into the compost pile of the Universe and move on. You don’t need all the boxes you are keeping some are ready to move into the memory category. What is ready to move on without much effort?

Feeling all the Feels! Card Reveal

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