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Fire Released – Imbolc Magick

As a solitary witch I struggle with creating ways to engage in ritual. It is a lot of work to cast circle and do a full on proper ritual for me and me alone. It usually involves a lot of making the cat behave too.


Finding ways to create symbolic and ritual meaning in my life is something I am always looking for ways to do. It also needs to be super simple to do. Because complicated is going to be abandoned fast.


Fire Released - Imbolc Magick

Working with collage and in my art journal are two ways I am working with the Wheel of the Year in 2020 and the Moon cycles collage project. I can do a moon collage project in half an hour tops. Which is not time consuming at all to two for full and new moon. It is very doable and proving to be interesting in the collage choices.

But I digress!


This year I am working in the art journal for each Sabbat. the goal is to work on the personal level and not what the traditional meaning of the holiday is. Imbolc celebrates the return of the light and tends to be when I see more daylight in general.


I worked with paint over collage to create this art journal page as my celebration of Imbolc here’s what I got. There’s a voice over where It talk about my creative process that happened during creation.




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