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Full Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season

Full Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season


Encourages you to bring in ritual to help you stay the course. As you move into eclipse season it is going to get super wild. It can be wild fun or out of control. Strive towards the wild fun aspect.


Truth is it will likely be a mix of both.


Full Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season

It all starts next week. It will be full swing with a solar eclipse on the new moon. This is a time to let go out what you are holding onto that needs to be released. It will always be part of you but you don’t have to live from it, use it, or have it at the forefront of your life.


Let it blow away in a breath of kindness.


I recommend picking up the Lion’s Gate Portal Forecast to keep you even and on track. It will take through the Eclipses, Retrogrades, and through the Lion’s Gate Portal in August.


Light Language for Chiron Retrograde.

Moon Ritual for Eclipse Season from the Lion’s Gate Portal Forecast

Get candle, white will work.
Find an incense you love.
Grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck. Runes would also work well.

Take a moment to let yourself settle and the day drop away.
Imagine a circle of white light starting in the heart Chakra. It expands out and becomes your Circle.

Acknowledge you are in sacred space.
Light your incense. (Just the slightest whiff of Nag Champa takes me into a ritual frame of mind.)

Focus on what you want to release.

I release < insert what it is >, I let it go. It returns to the Universe. Repeat with others or you can keep repeating the same release until you are ready to move on.

Light the candle

I ignite the light in me. I cleanses all that I do not need. It leaves me clear to know.

Feel, know, hear, see, taste, smell this. However it shows up.

Deep inhale, big exhale. Repeat if needed.

Pull a card.
This card is the Guide to help you stay on track. If you get a “bad” card it is the reminder of what not to do or what out for.

Do anything else you feel called to.

Let the Heart circle come back into you.

The circle is open but never broken.

Blessed Be!

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