Gaia Healing Sessions Album

Gaia Healing Sessions Album

Out my window and I see majestic pine trees. They are old, they hold the knowledge of the earth, of soil deep, rich, and living. Out my window and see these majestic trees being killed by pine beetle infections.


Gaia Healing Sessions Album

This is where the Gaia Healing Sessions started.

To help my beloved friends weather the infestation of pine beetles. To bolster them and the earth.


What I learned is by helping Gaia, my planet, and the Trees heal is that I also healed. Let yourself heal and relax into Gaia’s energy.


All you have to do is sit back and listen.


The Gaia Healing Session is based in intuitive sound and an exploration of Light Language to heal you and the planet. Creating emotion in sound to bring in connection to Gaia and the creatures including who reside on and in her.



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Light Language is an emotive language that is not understood in the literal sense. It is felt as emotion, absorbed into you being. It heals and reconnects you to the Universe.


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