Get caught up in the beauty of your year
Card Reveal

Get caught up in the beauty of your year

Well, peeps we have made it through another year and decade!

Pat yourself on the back and celebrate that accomplishment.


Here’s what I know you may think you haven’t met the goals you set out to accomplish. That you got off track by life. Aren’t where you should be…


Get caught up in the beauty of your year

I want you to flip that script into I accomplished all this in one year. You lived your life and dealt with what came up, that’s not off track at all. Know you can still be changing and right where you need to be in the now.


Get caught up in the beauty of your year.

I’ll see you next year with the card reveal.

Taking some time off and relaxing.


Piles this week are Heart & Soul angel Cards, Windows into Worlds, and Chakra/Worlds Cards


Pile 1
Thunderbird of the Blue Star Angel, Play, & Sacral Chakra

When does doubt creep in? Trust your intuition, just trust that you know. Do not start talking yourself out of it and explaining why your intuition is wrong. Skip that step and go straight to trusting in it. Play is what’s going to help you move out of doubt and not let it get caught up in the sacral chakra. Feel doubt creep in stop and Play just for a minute or two. What can you do to shift yourself out of overthinking? How would it feel to trust yourself?

Get caught up in the beauty of your year

Pile 2
Ambiel: Angel of Loving Kindness, Transform, & Earth Star

How can self love change your life? Stop being mean to you! Speak kindly and lovingly to yourself. It will transform your life. What you find out is that being mean and feeling bad takes a ton more energy to create then a good feeling. The Earth Star can open up flows of energy for you hat you haven’t even thought about once you start being kind and loving yourself. Is self love tied to perfection? How can you be imperfect and still love yourself?


Get caught up in the beauty of your year


Pile 3
Swan of Serenity and Transfiguration, Flow, River of Stars

What does your serenity look like? Here’s the thing what calms you might drive another to extreme distraction. Use what works for you not for someone else. You try and experiment but if it doesn’t work move on. Let it flow and trust yourself to know that you are moving in the right direction. The River of stars is guiding you with clues, your job is to know them. What is working for you and what needs to change? How do you define what a sign is?

Get caught up in the beauty of your year

I’ll see you next year! Have a wonderful New Year!


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