Self Care

Get Cleared and Shine

You want feels awful?

Having cluttered energy!


It means you can’t think straight, feel jittery, keep doing things you already did, and just feel not on it. This is a miserable place to be. Been here and it is just not all that fun.


But there are ways you can get out of it and feel good consistently. Big things happen and they can knock you off your normal, that’s pretty common. But when the little stuff has you derailed, that’s a problem.

Get Cleared and Shine

Get Clear and Shine are my go to practices to help me keep my energy clear. They are part of my energy clearing base. They help me focus and know when I am holding onto energy that is not mine.


Knowing how to effectively deal with your energy is important and will help you feel better over all in your life. Not clearing your energy lets all sorts of gunk some it yours and some others peeps hang out in your energy.


Which in turns leads to not feeling clear. Get Clear and Shine can help you manage it. It will help you know when you need to clear your energy. If it is your energy and how to clear it.


Get cleared and Sine will also help you look at old behaviors and patterns that might not be working the best for you. Along with arguments and anything that feels like an attack.


You will get three simple technique that I have used for years to help clear your energy that work. Keeping it simple means it can get done when you need it to be done. Get Cleared and Shine as clearings you can do anywhere.


Pick up Get Cleared and Shine today.