Get Crystal: an Energetic Year Map for 2018

Get Crystal: an Energetic Year Map for 2018


Get Crystal saves me each year.


Keeps me sane.

Helps me understand the energies working in my life and year.

Once upon a time the Death card would not leave me alone.

It kept stalking me. I’d shuffle it back in and try to get a different card. Sometimes that worked and others it didn’t.


Get Crystal: an Energetic Year Map for 2018

One day I let that Death card sit out for 24 hours. That whirl around the sun let in the change I needed. I spent three months running from Death, another three accepting it, three being okay with change, and the last part of the year participating in Death and rebirth.

Let me tell you this, it was brill once I said okay. I got so into the Death card I had a hard time letting go when it was time to move into the Hierophant.


What happened is leapt,flew., stumbled, and got back up. I knew where I was going. No matter what happened. All thanks to working with my year card and Get Crystal.

Get Crystal brings empowerment into your clarity

with Get Crystal


Rock your life with this energetic map of 2018

Personalized 13 card reading
Life cards interpreted in context of 2018.
Year Cards that show you the larger themes going on your life.


Bring in space, ease, and clarity so you can flow into 2018.


It is easy to think of tarot readings and such as luxuries but one of my dear friends challenged that. She asked me is it really a luxury.


That made me realize I don’t use a tarot or oracle card readings as a luxury. They are integral to my life.


A good reading helps you navigate your life. It helps you feel safe to explore the change in front of you.


Get Crystal is geared to empowering youand helping

get the most out of your life.

It isn’t a luxury it is an essential part of life.

This is what I realized and that changed how I think about my readings.

At the end of the year I like to provide the opportunity to put this reading out there for a super good price. Because it is about providing access.


It is about giving peeps the ability to afford this transformational reading.

Helping you go into next year empowered and clear.

It is about bringing the spiritual and the mundane together so you can flourish and grow.


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