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Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map

Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map


Once I got on the band wagon and started changing, things happened, really good things. It got to the point where I was so into my rebirth it was hard to say good bye to Death and hello to the Hierophant.


The practice that got me in touch with what I needed and directions I should head was the Spirit Guide reading I created.


It kept me on track and moving when I thought nothing was ever going to happen.


Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map 2016

At the end of my year with Death I was a very different and more open person. I made a choice to move from love and my heart in all things. It helped me make a choice to be happy even if my circumstances were not going to change.


The work with the Spirit Guide reading and tarot numerology moved me away from becoming angry and bitter person, into a completely new paradigm. That turned into Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map.


Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map

changed my life and over the last couple of years it has worked its magick in over 40 peoples lives.

You need info and guidance and that’s what this does.


You know how Luke Skywalker comes off as a whiny punk ass when he’s not on his game but when he is on he blows up Death Stars. You want to be on your game and not a whiny punk ass.


Because no one wants to be as whiny as a Skywalker male. What’s up with that? Padme and Leia never whine they just take charge. But I digress.


That’s what this reading does is get you in the game and in the flow of your life.


Get in your flow now.

Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map is one of my favorite readings to do. It is big, juicy, and meant to be used for a year.


It will Identify what will bite you on the ass and turn you into a whiny punk.


Pick one up today.


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