Get Crystal for 2021 End of Year Special!

Get Crystal is the first offer I created and put out to the world. There are people who bought that first year who still pick one up. Because this energetic year map works!


What is Get Crystal for 2021?


Get Crystal for 2021 End of Year Special!

It is a reading that I started using to navigate my year. It is there to help you understand where you are right now. Each time you read and put Get Crystal for 2021 to work for you different parts will stand out. Those are what you need to know at that time.


How you understand this reading will be different in a few months. It changes with you and provides plenty of room for you to grow. Some of the themes in the reading will finish up in a year others will continue.


What’s included in Get Crystal for 2021?


Collective Year Card to help you understand the larger energies at work in the world. It helps to understand things as they happen 2020 was an Emperor year that showed off his destructive bad side.


Your Personal Life and Year cards so you know what your themes are going to be for the next year. Each year you get a new Year card and your life cards stay the same. But they get intercepted for that year. You don’t get the same year card blurbs no matter how many years you pick this up.


A Spirit Guide reading that works intuitively with you through out the year. It will change with you and your understanding of it will change too. It is meant to be used for the whole year!


Thought Prompts to help you engage with this reading. The more you interact with your reading the more you will get out of it. Journal them all at once or as they stand out to you.



Sounds overwhelming! But it isn’t.

Get Crystal for 2021 empowers and guides.

I use this along with others every year to navigate the

energies and bring in clarity.

Pick it up on special now.