Get Crystal for 2023 Preorder starts 11-18

Get Crystal for 2023 Preorder starts 11-18

Get Crystal Preorder is going to happen this year!

And I am stoked!


Get Crystal for the next year was my first offering that took off. And every year I’ve offer a preorder for the end of year special for my list and FB group. Then it goes on sale for everyone.


Get Crystal for 2023 Preorder starts 11-18

Here’s why you want to get on the list.


The Third Bundle that will not be offer to anyone outside the list and group.


Or you can watch this cat song.

You get the best price of Get Crystal for 2023.


Go into next year knowing your year cards and personal cards.


The Spirit Guide reading that’s an energetic year map to help you navigate your year. Each time you read it something else surfaces for you to consider.


Thought prompts to help you engage with your Spirit Guide reading.


A reading that will help you see your themes for the year now instead of when you are in the thick of it.


Get Crystal is simply a fun reading to work with!


Preorder Starts November 18th.

Get on the list for it.


Want to know more check it out here.

BTW: Regular sale starts on 12-1-22.