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Get Crystal is back

Get Crystal is back


Last year I released Get Crystal unto the world and it had a great response. For the Lunar new year I put out the Year Map and that also was well received. This year both are being offered for my end of year special. Excitement!


Both readings are meant to be used for all of next year and are guides to help you navigate 2016. They are also very different from each other. Get Crystal is based on my Spirit Guide reading which is very intuitive and is a message from your Guides and the Universe. Year Map is much more linear, it is simple and straight forward giving you one card for each month of the year. Which is better? Well that all depends on how you work. I use both.



Get Crystal is back 2015

This year still includes your card for the year to help you create what you want to in your life for 2016. This year my card is the Hierophant and truly I had no idea what this card would be like for me. No idea, some kind of learning/teaching authority figure it was all very vague. The Hierophant has lead me to a very heart centered place to live from and base my choices in. This card has moved me in directions I never thought of. Knowing and being able to work with my year card is integral for me.


This offer is available from November 1st to December 18th 2015 and then it is over until next year.


What do you get with these readings?


One Spirit Guide or Year Map reading in PDF form.

Your year card for this year and next year.

Knowledge of what your lesson themes for the year will be in 2015.

A way to start transforming yourself and rock your world.


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