Card Reveal

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

Get Crystal was one of the first offerings I ever did. It is also one of my favorites to do.

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

It is an energetic map of your year. Think of it like a snapshot for you to use when you need guidance.

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

There are people who have been getting them for years, every year. What that’s done it let me see how old Get Crystals are still being used! Some of the themes that come up are long term ones that take years to fully unfold.


Which is so VERY COOL!

What do you get with the Get Crystal End of Year Special?


Your year cards for this year and last. Where you’ve been is as important as where you are going.

Life and Soul card to help you understand why and how you relate to what’s going on in your life.

A Guide card to help you navigate the year.

And a 13 card Spirit Guide reading that will help you out all year long.

Get Crystal is meant to be used and read over and over. What stands out at first is not what shows up in the middle or end. There are  thought prompts to help engage with the reading. It is sooo not a one read and done thing.


The preorder starts today for people on the email list.

They get the best price and two bundle options.

One of those bundles is only available to the list.

Make sure to get on the email list for the Get Crystal for 2023 preorder.

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Preorder starts today!
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This week’s video is on Chemo.


I realized how fuzzy that time frame is as I was filming.


Now the Reveal

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

This week’s piles are The Mystical Dream tarot & the 8th House tarot.

Pile One
The Wisdom Teacher and Ace of Earth

Make sure you are acknowledging all the ways you can learn. It is not all books and schooling. Much of it is from other ways. That’s what this is reminding you. That learning takes place in many ways and they are as valid as any other.

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

Pile Two
8 of Wands and 8 of Earth

Do you have two modes of ding right now? First one is get it done super duper quick. The second one has you taking forever to get it finished. Your goal is to get somewhere in the middle of it all. That way there’s a happy medium. Meaning less burn out and fewer hours thinking you should be doing something.

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

Pile Three
The Lady of Swords and The Sun

Pull out that logic and shine a really bright light on it! You need to see what is really working for and what’s not. It is the act of knowing that is important. You need to know. Then you can decide what’s what. You may decide that what’s not working o well at the moment is worth keeping or maybe not.

Get Crystal Preorder is on! Card Reveal

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