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Get Energetic Faery Wings!

Get Energetic Faery Wings!

Energetic Faery Wings!Have you ever wanted your own faery wings?

While I can’t help you grow a well real live solid pair, I can help you grow some energetically!



Get Energetic Faery Wings!

What are energetic faery wings? They start with a visualization process of creating your own wings and you can use them to help filter out the noise of the Universe and hear what is meant for you. They can help you tune in easily.


Once you have them all you have to do is think about them and they are there. Here are five things I like to do with mine.


Feel the Universe. There is a lot going on out there that we filter out. That filter is a good thing it helps protect us, but sometimes it is nice to feel what’s going on out there without the filter.


Use them to help with readings. You get different info from the wings then you do through the regular means.


Feel the trees and other plants out there. They have lot’s for us to learn and this is one way to start tuning into them.

Easy way to start working with energy. This is one way to work with energy and if you are new to it a quick way to start feeling it.

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