Get the Most Out of Your Reading

We are in the season of reflection toss in Death and well you think a lot. I launched the Get Crystal for 2015 this year without really knowing how people would respond to it and it’s been a great response. It has left me feeling blessed and humbled that I’ve had chance to do Oracle card readings for some wonderful people. It’s very exciting.

Get the Most Out of Your Reading

It made me realize how much of an emphasis on change and transformation that I have and that this particular offer lends itself to it. There are days when it feels like I have taken the glittery wand of change and beaten my clients with it. The most beautiful part is how they all go with it and get excited over the potential.


Because no matter how much I beat you with my glitter wand of change it’s really you that holds the power. The reading is a road map, it’s up to you to make it happen. All the choices, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are in you can be changed, that’s where the real magick is. It’s not in the PDF I send you or the cards. It is that you can see it, feel and know what can be and work towards that.


That’s what I see as the real beauty of the Tarot and Oracle cards is that they open up a new window for us to look out and see ourselves and our lives. That view is not always what we want it to be or think it should be. But we can change that view by changing us and a reading can help with that transformation. I think when we look at the tarot and oracle cards as a tool to transform our lives they become a potent ally to be more ourselves. The changes in life are often more a clarification and an act of being more of our inner selves. Having the courage to let the true self shine out.


How you can more effectively work your reading for you once you get it is something you can do after it’s all over. You have your reading, you memorized it, and want to go more deeply into it.


Journal how the cards in your reading make you feel. Look at them. What do they say to you? Because no matter how clear I am I still have my own mythic system that I filter through. So my take is mine and yours is yours, both are right and add to the reading.


What makes you feel happy or scared?. Are there areas of the reading you want to gloss over? Which part do you keep returning to? These feelings mean something so pay attention to them. Especially if you want to ignore a section, what you hide from you is very telling.


If a certain card feels blank or you can’t understand with how it applies to you there are a few ways to get more insight. One way is if you have tarot or oracle cards, pull a card or two out to help you understand. A second way is to blindly pull out a crystal and use what they mean and the energy to help you define what is undefined. Thirdly is bibliomancy, open a book and point to a sentence what does it say and how does it apply. Song lyrics also work really well.


If you order a reading from me, email me! Email support for questions, clarifications, and freak outs are welcome. I love it when someone emails me about their reading. Sometimes that glitter stick of change can catch you unawares or you just feel overwhelmed and I am there to help you not feel that way. The goal is to get you on your way, it’s like a coaching session brought to you by cards.


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