Card Reveal

Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

The other week I got participate in a selfie challenge

with Monica Clio Sakki!

Which was loads of fun!


She also created the deck we are using, this was not planned!



Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

Monica asked why you were there in her challenge and partly I wanted to play and get some new pictures for social media etc. But also work more into being who I am right now. Be seen in that new light.


But first you have to let it out to for that light to get seen. Sometimes that can feel very vulnerable to do. Letting out that glimpse of what changed in 2020 and what’s still evolving form those changes.


As someone who is always transforming and working deep into the alchemy of my soul. That means this endeavor also changes and the images that match it start to morph into something new.


What once was fresh and exciting becomes the past energy of self. This week was a step into embracing that and working on some concepts for new photos.


Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

Never one to be dramatic <insert sarcasm>

Taking time to explore how change shows up is exciting and fun!

Give it a whirl!



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Here’s the vlog for this week!



Now the Reveal

Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

Piles this week are the Sakki-Sakki Tarot, Wisdom of the Oracle, and

Handmade Affirmation Deck.


Are you on the list?

There’s a list only birthday special coming up!


Pile One
Ace of Rods, Mending & I am Stardust


Are you shoulding? You want to create the solution that i unique to you and not anyone else. You can get ideas form others but in the end you want it to work for you and be sustainable if that’s part of what you are doing. Use the fire here to get things on track and remind you that you are connected and unique. What shoulds are invading your life and how do they feel?


Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

Pile Two
Three of Cups, Go the Distance, & Flow, Know, Grow


You can’t get there from where you are right at this very second. You need to bring in some change to get where you want to go. Because current you while there’s nothing wrong with you at this second but the next second you become past you. But you are still seconds, minutes, days in the past and not flowing into who you are becoming. What do you want future you to be like?


Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

Pile Three
The Hanged Man, New Life, & Be it, Begin, Soar


Hang upside down for a minute or so even if it is in your mind. What changes with that perspective? You can’t get to the new if you aren’t willing to see things in a new light or at least a different on. Time to move into looking at how you view you or that part of you that’s ready to change. Where are you holding onto old perspectives and why?

Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal

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Get Vulnerable and Card Reveal