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Get your energetic map for the year 2016

Get your energetic map for the year 2016


Get Crystal is an energetic map of your year to help you feel empowered. To give you a path to follow via an oracle card reading that engages. It helps you to find that ever elusive clarity.


Get your energetic map for the year 2016

This reading helped me connect with my Spirit Guides and move me out living from if and when, into living in my now. It helped me to keep following my word of the year for 2015 Love.


When you become an active participate in your life, you create magick. This reading shows you a way to do this in your life. This work is the alchemy of the soul. It will help you create who you want to be.


Get Crystal took me from being afraid to live from where I am at right this second. Yes, it is not always sunshine and kitty cats, but, having an \energetic map in my hot little hands lets me know what I need to get to do to get to the where.


Use your Tarot Soul and Personality card so you move from the heart. Know the why and how you act, so you can create space for ease and flow in your life. These cards are part of the larger themes that run through your life. Use them to navigate it and maintain your focus.


It is seriously freaky how this has lined up in my life. The Fool and the Emperor that person peeps will follow merrily off the cliff, that’s me. The Fool brings me my willingness to morph and learn. The Emperor brings in my desire to build and create infrastructure when it is contradicted destroying and combative.


It is so empowering working with these large energies running through my life, it lets me work with compassion in my life.There are times in life when the most powerful thing you can do is to change yourself. I came to that point. Nothing else in my life changed except me and that all started with a thought, to be happy and move from love. It changed me and changed my life when the circumstances of that life could not be changed. That’s what created Get Crystal that moment of letting my soul guide me and letting alchemy in.


Think about it?

What would it be like to do that?

Get set up for next year.

Offer ends 12-14-16 Midnight Mountain time


Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map

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