Getting Acquainted with your Oracle Cards

Getting Acquainted with your Oracle Cards


You have a new deck or maybe an old one you haven’t worked with. You have read the book, looked at the art but are having trouble connecting with it. What do you do? Some Oracle decks are super easy to pull information from, others not so much, some have so much symbology on them your brain hurts. It may make you feel like you aren’t ever going to get along with your deck and read it well.


Here is what I do when I have a deck that is illusive

or I just want to go deeper into.

Getting Acquainted with your Oracle Cards

Daily pulls


Pull a card out and prop it up where you can see it. When I do this I invite what the card has to offer into my day. How can I learn from it. This for me is about the experience of the card and rarely journal this unless something huge happens. I want the knowing to seep into me, all of me, not just my brain.


Sometimes I do this one in order other times at random, sometimes both. I take a card and I write down what is on it. Then I write down how it makes me feel. What do I think about when I look at it? Write all this down and do it for the whole deck. This can be used for “problem cards” that you have problems with.


Put down two cards and write about how they impact each other. What effects do they have being in the same spread. You can do this with a whole reading but it takes a while. Start small but know if you need to it can be done on a large scale. 13 cards and the impact they have on each other is a lot of writing.


Doing this type of work makes getting to know and use your deck easier. Tarot tends to follow a couple of different patterns while oracles can be anything. There is no theme that spills over. You can use this with tarot too to help you get more out of the cards and their meanings.


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