Getting Started with Oracle Cards

The past year has really brought Oracle cards more so than Tarot to the forefront of what I reach for when doing a reading. That along with the development of a couple spreads that respond much better to Oracle cards than Tarot.


Getting Started with Oracle Cards

The plan is to explore different oracle decks each month and how to look into symbolism that is cultural, your own personal symbolism, and use that to divine the meanings of the cards that are before you. The intuitive aspect really appeals to people but they can have have a hard time creating meaning out of the cards before them. That’s the ultimate goal is for you to deal out your Oracle cards look at them and be able to create a cohesive reading for you or querent.


Finding a deck that really speaks to you is even more important with this than with Tarot. If there is no inner connection to you Oracle cards can be really hard to read. Find a deck that sings to you and that you love. This is going to make it so much more easier to read the deck.


Read the book or booklet. Most decks come with some form of book read it. Once you have done that you can choose to use it or discard it. I love my Earth Magic deck but they never read well for me when I use the book definitions, so I stopped using it. The readings that happen with this deck now, are lovely and meaningful. So keep in mind you may have a great vibe with the deck but not the interpretation by the creator.


On the opposite end is my Faery’s Oracle deck that the book rings true with and is the only deck I use reversals in. The energy and lessons change when a card is upside down in this deck. Reversals are not part of my reading style and I tend to see them more of a card saying pay attention to this NOW. Reading styles can change depending on which deck you are using. Don’t be too rigid in how you work with them.


Look for a deck that speaks to you. If you find yourself visiting it over and over again and again. Good chance you have found one you will work well with.


Mode of spirituality. I tend towards Faery and Pagan decks they make sense to me so that’s what I gravitate to. Your mode could be Angels or Animals.


Artwork is important. Just at a glance does it make sense, can you discern the meaning without knowing anything about the deck?


Getting Acquainted with your Oracle Deck

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