Card Reveal

Good Things! this week and card reveal

I get 5 week of radiation treatment which is a long one. But there is only one chance and there is no coming back and having more of it. One time shot and doctor thinks this the way to go. It will be everyday except weekends and my regular infusion treatment days.


We are talking intense.


Driving an hour there and back for about 15 minutes of treatment. It is a lot. Plus some physical therapy going on, on the side of it all, it is all rather overwhelming.


But one day at a time and all I need is to be one step ahead.


Good Things! this week and card reveal

A Few things that are help keeping me sane right.

I am not affiliated to anything mentioned.

Just like, enjoy, or makes life better.


Was going to link things but the satellite and the wind are fighting. Nothing is loading well.


I get nausea from one of the immuno therapies. Otter Pops (a popsicle) and Mango Ginger chews are helping save my ass when the queasies hit.


Abbie Sharpe a nutritionist who is super sane and fun to watch. Also Keltie O’Connor and Kathryn Morgan have great channels. All three are real and straight forward.


Cat pictures, memes, videos! If it has a cat I am down with it. When it comes down to it any cute animal works.


Re-read books! Feeling stressed go read an old favorite again. I am currently revisiting The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman. I love her work so much. Her Magister Trilogy is also super good. It lets me read and since I know what’s happening I can relax and enjoy even if I am a little distracted. I know how it ends.


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Good Things! this week and card reveal


Now the Reveal!

Good Things! this week and card reveal

Decks this week are The Good Tarot and Angel Prayers


Pile One
Page of Air & Transformation – Archangel Zadkiel

It is time to breathe life into it. NO holding back and playing it over safe because this or that might happen. What if it turns out wonderfully? If you don’t go for it you will never know. Because the truth is “failure” is just another stepping stone to learning what you need to know. Take a deep breath and go for it!

Good Things! this week and card reveal


Pile two
4 of Earth & Express Your Creativity

This expression of the creative will help ground you and keep you rooted where you need it. Do not overthink this and make it complicated. Living a life that you love whatever that looks like is creative. Anything you can feel you get creative with that counts. It is not just doing art or writing. What makes you feel creative? Indulge in that.

Good Things! this week and card reveal


Pile Three
6 of Earth & Loved One in Heaven

Catching whifs of grandma’s perfume? You may be experiencing this or it may show up in a completely different way. A loved one is talking to you and your job is to see it. You may have someone on your mind or thinking about the food you shared. That is contact. Know that it is and talk back if you want to. Or you can simply tell them in your head what you need to.

Good Things! this week and card reveal


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