Wheel of the Year

Halloween: Wheel of the Year



Halloween has always been a favorite of mine. Dressing up (which in Minnesota and Montana looked more like a winter coat over it all) and getting free candy was pretty high on my list of wonderful things. That love didn’t stop when I got older, still loved the holiday. When I started practicing witchcraft it took Halloween to a new level.


This is a holiday that I do actually do something on. It is a time to talk to ancestors, to go into your shadows, to delve into the Underworld and see what awaits you. There will be some form of trance work involved and mugwort too. This year will be a complement to what happened during my Beltane path working.


I’ve been shy about talking about what happened during my Beltane ritual, it has never felt like the right time and still doesn’t. So yeah big lead up to nothing. Let’s suffice to say it was big and it was initiatory. What I asked for was given and the last six months has been a period of working on growing into what was given.


Halloween Wheel of the Year

Come Hallows I will be making offerings and going to the Underworld to see what is in store for me. It is time to find the next piece of what will help guide. It will also be a night of honoring my ancestral blood kin and my ancestral spiritual kin. Both of them are so important and integral to how I work these days, there are some that the line blurs and some fall into both categories.


It becomes hard to ignore a heritage when it keeps being presented to one blatantly. My Norse ancestral has really come to surface in the past two years. This has lead to more reading about Norse myths and runes, but mostly to working directly with two deities. Frigg and Odin have come to the forefront for me. They called and I answered them.


Lilith and Persephone will also be honored as they have been with me for a very long time. Persephone is one that I look back and realized I started working with her in my child’s way in third grade. Lilith well I adore her and the journey’s she helped me survive and the lore and knowledge she led me to.


Hallows is for all its gravity also has an aspect of fun that can be brought into. A celebration of what was and what will be. What will you be doing for Halloween?


Mabon and Honoring the NOW!

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