Hand Made Affirmation Decks

Hand Made Affirmation Decks

It all started as a whim…

I made myself an affirmation deck, that’s all I planned on.


But then peoples started asking about it. If I was going to create them for sale. When are you going to make a deck in general? I told the Universe, I hear you and started thinking.That maybe it was time to seriously start thinking about deck creation. Maybe it was time to put a deck out there.


Hand Made Affirmation Decks

Which led to me asking me what does this project need to feel like for me to do it.

It had to be personal so the magick infused in the Affirmation project is strong.


Hand Made Affirmation Decks

Handmade, each deck is different. No two of them are a like, couldn’t do it if I tried.


The process of creation has to be enjoyable for me and I have to have fun doing it.

Which led me to small batches of affirmation cards with 24 to 25 cards in each deck that are hand painted.

Each card is healing. It contains love, joy, kindness, compassion, love

and quirk.


The deck is an enchantment of self to create more trust of

self to empower you.

Hand Made Affirmation Decks

Each deck is a spell to create spiritual healing so you can move

through life with joy.


Compassion and the Lexicon of Love is drawn upon so you can choose to live from love and base all choices in your Heart.

That’s what is embodied in the Handmade Affirmation Deck Project


Handmade Affirmation Decks on sale!


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