Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!
Weekly Card Reveal

Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!

Happy New Year!


Hopefully we get to have more fun in 2021 then we had in 2020. I really want to do is go the bookstore, get a latte, and browse. And not feel like I am going home infected.


2020 through a lot of curve balls at us and then started to feel like one of those machines that lob balls for people to hit, only it went berserk and pelted us.


It was a rough year and it sure did over

deliver in some unexpected ways.


Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!

You want to start off the best you can and not take all of 2002 with you into 2021. For me the transition time starts with the Solstice and continues to the Lunar New Year. Which gives me plenty of time to work on what energy I want to bring in and not feel rushed.

Check out the Plan in 2021 is the Plan! Find out what this years plan is.


Here’s some easy ways to set energy for 2021


Word of the year. I know! I tell you about this every year because I use the heck out of this. Some years they are fun and others they have turned out to be the lesson I need. Don’t try to control how the word shows up. Let it be what you need it to be.


Collage Dream Spell Board! Grab a magazine of pull some images off Unsplash to use. Images convey meaning in way words can’t. There’s something about how pictures works deeper then only words.


Ritual is another way you can set an energy. This year I spent some time writing out my frustrations and feeling them out. Looking at how I tend to believe the negative over the positive about myself. It is a response to the peer abuse that happened in my formative years. So that got worked on.


It doesn’t have to be complicated.

It doesn’t even have to happen if it feels off.


There are years I only set a word energy or get my word and do a collage. Do the combo that feel right to you! It can one thing or a combo or all.



Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!

Hello January!



It may be a new year but there’s still a lot on everyone’s plate. If you are working on letting go of 2020 and feeling resistance don’t force it to go. Good chance you aren’t ready to let go of some of it.


Work with release where you can. There’s been little time to process what happened last year, some of which is still going on. Take your time with it and don’t make yourself be where you aren’t right now. Working into it with kindness will feel so much better then lopping off part of your emotional self.


Keep feeling into it and see where it takes you. Check back in around the lunar new year to see it some more of 2020 is ready to go. Release for what’s not processed may not be ready for a very long time and that’s perfectly fine place to be.



The Reveal!!!


Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!

This week’s deck is the Wheel of Fortune a Major Arcana only deck. They are working on the rest of it and it looks so brill!


Card One
The Chariot


Get ready for a wild ride and be willing to go for it. This is the year you want to see what you can do. Push your boundaries and find out just how expansive they can be. Bring this in on an internal level and let it roll out of you. The one thing you do want to watch out for is being a jerk as you go for it. This is the energy for you not everyone. Respect boundaries of others are you push your. Where can you use some expansion? How cannot pushing hold you back? Do you try to get everyone on board with what you want and why?


Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!


Card Two
The Moon


Cycles and rituals got said to me when I started writing. Look at how you use cycles and rhythms in your life. This can be as simple as tracking the moon and where it is. You can use that to create rituals to help you along this year. Pick out the cycles that speak to you, they will be the ones who will root deeply in your. This can be as simple or complex as you need it to be. Keep in mind that can vary from month to month. Where do you already use cycles in your life? How can you take that deeper? What needs to be part of this?


Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!


Card Three
The Sun


I’ve got the Let the Sun Shine in song from Hair stuck in my head. Let your sunny self out and SHINE as BRIGHT as you need to. Someone tells you that you are shining too bright, shine out a bit brighter. How this take shapes is created by you for you. You are shining out simply for you and to feel good. So if some Negative Nelly gets in your face shine a little more, just because you can. It is for you first and foremost. Where do you damp down to make others feel better? What if you Shine was all for you?


Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!


Wild Card


Build it up and build it strong! This is not the time to think that you shouldn’t be making something into what you need and want. Take the energy that the Emperor can bring and put it to work for you. This is building the infrastructure of you. You determine what needs to built and sometimes torn down so you can improve on it. Create a sustainable manner of being to work from in 2021 and beyond. What feels like it needs some work? What do you want that to feel like when the infrastructure is completed?


Happy New Year and First Card Reveal of 2021!!!!