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Happy New Year! It’s a Chariot year – Card Reveal

Happy New Year!

There are some super powerful and juicy guidance to start the new year off!

Happy New Year! It's a Chariot year - Card Reveal

This years card is the Chariot.

Expect life to move quickly and for things to develop at a rapid pace. It may feel uncomfortable to moving this quickly but I do encourage you to go with it. Find out where this pace can take you.

Happy New Year! It's a Chariot year - Card Reveal

The word for 2023 is Sweetness.
It took a bit to get here.


My first word was Soft but the only problem was Fuck it was also coming in loud and strong. Both felt right. But not the whole on their own.


So, one night I am sitting around thinking and asked me what contains both of those concepts. The answer was what’s sweet. Feeling into it felt really good!


Sweetness holds both of the energies and so many more.

Happy New Year! It's a Chariot year - Card Reveal

2023 is about exploration for me in many ways. Finding out what my life looks like post active tumor but still with cancer in my lymph nodes. There’s so much out there to explore and feel into. Sweetness will be a good guide for all of that.


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Now the Reveal!

Not the same picture you saw? Posted the wrong pic on the socials, oops!

Happy New Year! It's a Chariot year - Card Reveal

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot


Pile One
Hierophant, The Boat, & Gate of Awakening

Get ready for a journey of awakening this year. There is a strong hint that things have the ability to shift in a manner you didn’t think possible. You will need to drop what you think you are for this shift to come in fully. It feels super juicy.


Pile Two
Devil, Broken Heart, & River of Stars

What keeps you where you are? That’s what this is about that story so old you don’t even realize you tell it to yourself. It is time to let that go. It will help you move into the flow of the stars when you do. But how do you let something go that you don’t even realize? Focus in on your heart and ask for it to be released. This is also a super juicy good feeling!


Pile Three
Aeon, The New Flame, & The Underworld

Change is here and that will show up in the form of an ending. That’s when the new ill flare up for you. But in the meantime go deep within and explore what you are currently up to. See where that ending is coming in and let that beginning emerge from it.

Justice, The Giant X, & The River of Blood

There is so much that can come out of exploring who your ancestors are. The healing that can take place is powerful. It is time for you to understand more about you ancestry, where it can take you, and what it has done. You can do this by genealogy or simply asking for them to speak to you.

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