Card Reveal

Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

There are times when it just does not go as planned. It becomes very clear it just will not be happening at all this week. That’s what happened on June third. There was supposed to be a card reveal, it sure didn’t go out.


Most of the time I am pretty on it but may in general kicked my butt. Round 6 of chemo left me exhausted and not feeling well. The Friday before my new maintenance treatment I got a nice rash from my hands up to my shoulders. Not fun!

Blue Girl - Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

Then it was getting ran over by the collective energy of two shootings very close together and those poor kids and their families.


It was a lot to deal with.

And then…


The crawlspace had water issues. Four hours later and a bunch of stuff everywhere drying out. The intro for June Third wasn’t done and I was exhausted from shoving up boxes. Around three o’clock this is what my living room looked like.

Books and Christmas stuff piled everywhere - Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

There are times when it never comes together. You may try to make it happen but it never really gets there. Those are the times you need to back off.


Fire Work Workshop goes out next week.

Fire Workshop - Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

Get on the list to get in on it.


The Reveal!

3 Cards - Happy Solstice and Card Reveal
This week’s decks are the Wheel Of Fortune Tarot, The Watcher’s Tarot, & Handmade Affirmation Deck.

Pile One
Universe, High Priestess, & I am Creative

You can do something here if you decide to or you can squander it. There’s some power coming for you with this mid year check in. You need to use it and take it to heart. You can create magick with this energy. Make the choice to do so.

Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

Pile Two
Moon, Temperance, & Flow, Know, Grow

Getting caught up in the teeny tiny detail has you feeling like you are stuck in cold treacle. Toss those details out the window and free your energy up to see what is flowing by you. The flow is going to feel really yummy.

Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

Pile Three
Chariot, Star, & Love Energy Glows

Shine on and let it happen! You don’t need to pull back from the tempo. Let it be what it needs to be. Putting the brakes on will not feel great, it’s going slam you into an energy wall. That will not be fun. Go with the flow right now and let it be a bit scary.

Happy Solstice and Card Reveal

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