Inner Work

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

What a year it’s been!

Holy moly!


The year started with your heroine, me just past surgery for a full hysterectomy and anemic. It was the healing from surgery and making some hemoglobin that first month. While waiting for chemo to be scheduled.


What 2022 held for me at that point was treatment for cervical cancer. It was still a huge question mark. Not knowing much about chemo or anything as the cancer journey started.


My energy needed to be used to help me heal and I took most of it off and did very little business wise. Chemo made me dim and fogged along with not feeling good all the time. All my hair fell out. I knew it would happen but it was traumatic. Chemo sucks even if you are tolerating  it well.


Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Radiation sucked in a different way as it ate up half a day due to the distance of the drive. The actual radiation was about 10 minutes. But we had to drive an hour each way so two hours everyday for about a month. It was also exhausting.


The year is ending but not my cancer journey. It will continues in the form of iummuno-therapies for the long term. It looks like there will be no defined end to treatment as I will remain in maintenance for the rest of my life or a breakthrough comes along.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

I am coming out of this year softer but also with some harder edges. My tolerance for nonsense is low,as is my level of feeling bad to tell you so. Not that I go forth and asshole my way through life. But if you push me I will respond. Things that used to freak me out no longer do.


Then there’s the part of me that compassion and the softness of it all has expanded in a healthy manner. I think more about what’s going on and how it impacts people. The two combine to make an interesting change in me.


Where will it take me?


I have no idea.
But I am going to explore it in 2023!


Have a wonderful holiday season and check out Vlogmas.
I’ll see you on the 6th of next year.