Have you asked your Block if it feels safe?

You know that feeling of resistance and that you can’t get around it. It keeps popping up and frustrating you. About this time you give it a name and call it Block. It may have a first and last such as Money Block, Love Block, Personal Power Block. You give it a name and get your chisel out and start chiseling away at it. 

The Block keeps popping up, keeps getting in your way and nothing feels very good. What would happen if you set down your chisel and stopped trying to destroy Block? Would your head explode? Will the world end? If the answers to these are no, stop beating up Block. 

Because here’s the thing by beating up Block, you beat up a part of you. Chiseling off bits of self is not the way to go. Besides the breakdown to break through is overrated, done it. Yes, it does work and still can happen even with how I deal with Block now. 

Bring in love, compassion, and kindness. Treat yourself with honor and respect. Block is the result of something that scared you and Block only wants to keep you from harm and hurt. The more you let Block feel safe and supported the more Block can relax and let you move around Block. 

Feeding it love instead of harm shrinks it down to a point where you can work with it or around it. There are blocks and behaviors that do need to be retired but setting them on fire and destroying them is not the way.