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Heal my Word of the Year 2016

Heal my word of the year 2016


A couple years ago I picked out a word of the year and frankly loved it, so I kept doing it. Last years word was Love and it was paired with the Hierophant which was my card for 2015. My word kept me making choice from my and heart and out of love. When shit got crazy or went sideways, I brought it back to love. Love as my word of the year helped me change how I react to things. Now don’t get me wrong I still freak out and act like a prat some times but more and more I move and act from love. The year card was a subtle creature, the Hierophant was not dogmatic for me or even harsh and restrictive. When it came down to it I had no idea how this card would manifest for me. It came with knowledge and the offering up to me to take what I needed and leave the rest. They were brilliant together.

Heal my Word of the Year 2016

But alas it is a new year and a new card, new word. I start auditioning words in October. I like to try them on and see how they might feel and fit. What do I need to bring into my life was the question I asked. Heal kept combing up, over and over to the point where I don’t even remember the words I auditioned. By the end of October I knew that was my word and it is Heal.


It become even more appropriate after my dad died. There is a desire to heal the wounds of the past more fully, heal the wounds of my ancestors, and let myself heal from the grief of a missing a loved one.


My year card is the Lovers. Now the Lovers has a lot of connotations to it one being divergent choices, will that come into play? I don’t know? I do know that the aspect that I want to draw on with this card is the union aspect. The aspect of bringing in love in all forms, not just romantic. To bring in a strengthening of relationships in my life and fostering new ones.


I have a whole year to see where this takes me. There is excitement, sorrow, and hope wrapped in a bundle for me to explore this year. What will you be exploring in your life?


Love: Word of the Year 2015

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