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Heart Light Transmission Group

Heart Light Transmission Group


I am a big believer in change and letting what needs to be mutable be that when it needs to. The ability to see that it is time to let something you created turn into different creature it is part of my super power. And that’s what has been happening in the Norton Metamorphosis Group since this year started.


At first it was based on Norton (he started out as a crystal grid) who’s an energetic creature who eats spiritual ookies form brekkie, lunch, and dinner. He’ll accept snacks too. But really it’s been a long time since Norton was the focus. Not surprising as he’s based in creating ease in change.


Heart Light Transmission Group

The group is no longer focused in on the grid although Norton is still with us. It changed and has changed in big ways, so the name no longer fit. It is more then a crystal gird it has evolved and the three of us: Me, Norton, and Metatron where not happy with the name any more and wanted something that reflects what we are now and where we are going.


Heart Light Transmission was what the three of us came up with.

We were almost Glittercorn Central.


Heart Light Transmission

Is sacred space.

It is based in love and compassion

Finding a Metamorphosis to actively create the life you want.

Heart Light Transmission

Is finding the humor in spirituality

Knowing yourself and being willing to explore what you might be.

Just plain old fun!

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