Help A Woo Out

Help A Woo Out


You know something’s off but you can’t get your finger on it.


It squiggles away right when you start to know. You have a hard time of figuring out what it is and how to move it.


Finally you get to it and then it has burrowed in and won’t come free.


Mentorship Session

It feels stuck, you start to call it Block and feed it your energy. Of course it sucks it up. You try to work it out, destroy it and it rebuilds.

Which makes you feel frustrated, annoyed, like a failure and other unfun emotions

You can feel it, but never get to a resolution. It can be an easy place to get stuck.


I can help you move out of that and create space for new roots to come in.


Your roots take hold and run deep to help you trust yourself and intuition. Create new ways of being and understand your potentials to create the life you want and feel wonderfully empowered.


A mentorship session helps you to connect to your empowered self to…


Witch Wound

Hold space and witness

Chakras alignment

Create energetic action steps

Receive Messages from the Universe

Connect to your Guides

These sessions are intuitive and can involve coaching, holding space and witnessing, light language and sound. Private sessions are intuitive, unique to the individual and session, and no two will ever be the same.

These are normally $200.00

HAWO is $100.00