Monthly Energies

Here’s what’s being repeated over and over: June Energy Themes

Here’s what I keep having repeated over and over….


Pull back and think it through, haste is not where it is at.


Here's what's being repeated over and over: June Energy Themes

Push it back it if it creates more space. Now we all don’t have this luxury but it comes to the next one.

What needs to happen? What doesn’t need to happen? Not going to starve, burn the house down, end the world?


Then you can push it back.


Find space where you can and go deep it is the internal that needs the attention now not the external. Focus inward and dive deep into you.

I’ve been behind on a couple of projects but here’s the thing it did not kill me. It let me take the time I needed to rest and get some extra sleep. The shifts that are happening are internal and that means paying attention to what you truly need.



Space to create


You are creating who you are even if you don’t realize it. It is in the stripping it back to basics that you make space for you to work with the shifts coming in. June is the month where you start to finish the set up that started in April for Eclipse Season in July.


Know yourself as a creative and let that in. Creativity takes so many forms, don’t limit the definition of it. It can be as simple as how you live your life. In how you manage chronic conditions. Think in broad strokes about creativity.

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