Hey there!

Here’s what next years workshops and rituals are shaping up to be!

The rituals are going to be based on first a Dedication to Goddess and then into the Maiden, Mother, Crone cycle. Paired with these will be workshops to deepen your knowledge. If there are questions and answers needed along with this we can do a couple of those too. 

The idea is to take your experience with Goddess deeper by creating a template you can use over and over for personal ritual with your Goddess of choice. This ritual cycle is exclusive to you the Cosmic Shadow Light Coven

Your homework is to start thinking about who you want to work with for at least a year. What woman goddess is calling to you? You can pick one who you want to explore or even someone who you currently work with and take the deeper. 

That leaves four other workshops that will get decided when they come up.

The rest will remain pretty much the same format.

Vesta Rx will be up some time next week. I’ll let you know when it is up.