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How do you view money?

How do you view money?


I have been challenging myself to look at money as more than money received for goods given or received. That it is not just buying goods or services or selling them but a relationship that interacts more deeply on an energetic level. It is bringing in some surprising insights and some that were lurking under the surface.


How do you view money?

So many of us, especially the spiritually inclined view money as something that is bad, evil, and corrupting. That having it will make us greedy and somehow we shall turn into Ebenezer Scrooge and start destroying our lives and others. Which in reality is extremely unlikely to happen yet we persist in feeling such things about money. When we keep thinking this we start to undervalue ourselves. In the world of entrepreneurship it often results in undercharging and in the workplace a failure to follow through on asking for more money or staying in a job that is not good for you. This internal dialogue was sparked by Erin-Ashely Kerti over at Spiritual Mechanic and her work with her own money issues.


Conclusions I am coming to are that we need to start seeing money as sacred. Love it or hate it money or some form of currency is not going anywhere. It is just how it is right now and if we can’t change it we can change how we react to it. It is time to adapt to it. Home, food, and you are all sacred and money takes care of all three of those. It provides you with a place to live, food to eat, and for all else that we need and want. By thinking money is bad we devalue ourselves, our homes, and the food we nourish ourselves with.


I am so still processing this concept but it really has taken root in me and becoming part of how I move through life.


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