How to Pick out a Word of the Year

Picking a Word of the year can be a fun way to work with energy.

It can also be a frustrating way to work with energy. Because not all words turn out how you think they should!


How to Pick out a Word of the Year


The best words are the ones I’ve let do their ting and didn’t try to make them be something they were in my head. Seen is a good example of one that I tried to make be what it wasn’t.


Seen taught be all about being a witness and validating for people. It has so much power to hear someone and tell them you hear them. Don’t under estimate how empowering it is. Besides no one and I do mean no one likes unsolicited advice. Most unsolicited advice tends to be really crappy advice to boot. Don’t do.

How to Pick out a Word of the Year


Here’s how I pick out my word each year.


Audition words.

This starts in September for me. I look at what the next years Tarot Year card is and feel out a word that works with it or balances it out. Sometimes I know right way as the year Heal was my word. This year took until December to find Shift. What do you want? Try it on and see how it feels.



What energy do you want to bring or become?

Needing to work from a place of Love is how I got that word. I needed to bring that in loads and it worked. It brought everything I did back to one word Love. Still making the choice to work from Love.


How to Pick out a Word of the Year


Listen to your Heart

What does your heart tell you? Beauty was about waling in beauty and seeing the beauty in a world that has too many horrors. It was not about crafting some Instagram perfect facade. It was about understanding how I functioned in a world that denies enchantment.


There is no right or wrong way to do this. Words of the year can also challenge you in ways you don’t think they will. Seen had me wanting to dump it about halfway through that year. But staying with the uncomfortable and challenging felt more my path then avoiding it.


Staying with Seen through the challenges of that word helped me grow instead of going for the easy path. You have to watch out for when the easy path is the detour that will not be easy. You ignored the first lessons and that means you get later on. They tend to grow more challenging until you learn it.



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