How to Pose a Question for a Reading

How to pose a question for a reading


So many of people when they get a reading want to know about life, the Universe, and everything. They have a ton of questions that are not interconnected other than they are part of the person’s life. What starts to happen is you get a general reading instead of a lasered focused reading.


How to Pose a Question for a Reading

Now sometimes you will need a general reading and that’s exactly what you should ask for. Certain readings I do such as Get Crystal: An Energetic Year Map are general in the fact that it looks at your energy map for a twelve month time frame. So yeah a general reading isn’t a bad thing but you have to remember that too many questions may not get you what you want.



Picking out the topic.

What do you keep coming back to?
There is most likely something going on in your life that you keep circling back to. That’s going to be the sweet spot for a reading.



What aspects do you want more of?

Write down your topic and start to jot down the thoughts that come to mind.
What is showing up around this the topic? These are the areas that you want to ask for more info or clarification about.



Next circle the aspects that sparkle at you.


They can wink, shimmer, stand out, feel stronger, that weird intuitive hit. These are the main course for you reading. The Sparklers as I call them are what you really want to have your reader hit on they are the larger themes within the topic. You could ask for just these and get a really excellent reading.


Narrowing down a topic helps you get what you want and also helps your reader pull out the thread that you need with ease. Going through the above process is going to help you get a better reading and help you understand what the questions are that your heart wants to address.


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