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I am Meditating Wrong!

I am Meditating Wrong!


Meditation is part of my daily life, I just do it. It is like brushing your teeth you just do it. There are so many ways to meditate which one is best? The one that speaks to you. Here is the thing, you can’t do it wrong. It is called practice for a reason.


I am Meditating Wrong!

The reality of meditation can go something like this…

Maybe I should have hashed browns for brekkie. My head itches, itch head, keep having the itchies. OI CAT! NO! Stop that! Where was I I…. Oi Cat, get up remove cat from naughty situation. Sit back down. Where was I oh yeah breakfast…. I mean meditation. Meanwhile the cat is now attacking the ipad countdown. Oh my god will this never end it feels like hours…..


You will be challenged at some point in your meditation practice and if you receive info from the ‘Verse by feeling things expect a lot of body chatter. You will will yawn, burp, your eyes will water as energy clears. It is all just part of the glamorous process of meditation.


There will be points where you feel so in the zone and want to capture it again and again and suddenly you will lose that feeling and need to let it go. Because it is not about creating the same effect over and over it is about being able to let that effect go and not be attached to it.


Meditations for forgiveness and loving kindness will evoke some of the worst thoughts but you know what you need to think them before you can move on. Thinking does not mean you have to act on it. Bad thoughts are more often than not part of the healing process especially when we have been wronged or hurt by someone. You are not a bad person you are simply human and normal.


Next time you decide that you are meditating wrong cut yourself some slack and remember you are human and it is only practice.


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