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I Heart Collage!

I Heart Collage!


Can I tell you how much I heart collage? I love it! Love it as a main element, as a background, as a way to get a face. I love creating my own elements of it, book pages, colored papers. So many things to collage and ways to use it.


After a long hiatus from art I started to feel this urge to glue shit down. Collage was calling to me really strongly. I made a few trees and a face using magazine pages torn up. It was a way to create and be successful since I was rusty in my drawing skills.


I Heart Collage!

I started to create ink sprayed masa paper for collage, it sops up color yet can remain very sheer and translucent to let other elements peep through. I save the pouring medium that goes over the edge too. You never know when you need a bit of this to make a painting or art journal page just right.


While creating your own collage mediums is fun so is using book pages and music scores along with other pieces of ephemera. The library, book sale with it’s a buck a bag sale on the last day is a total score for books and music scores.

There is so much out there that you can glue down and make super duper cool.


The possibilities are really endless. I just love it!



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