I only want to wear beautiful socks and Healing
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I only want to wear beautiful socks and Healing

I only want to wear beautiful socks…


That’s what friend’s kid told them. She was unhappy with her current socks because they were not beautiful.


Healing is a bit like wanting to only wear beautiful socks. You start in on healing because you are unhappy with your current socks. So you work towards the pretty socks.


I only want to wear beautiful socks and Healing

Unfortunately healing isn’t as easy as changing your socks. There are times when it challenges you to points you didn’t think you deal with. But you do deal with it so you can heal, you find out how mutable your boundaries are.

Boundary pushing is hard work it means you have to leave the comfort zone and move into the challenge to get where you want to be. Healing is hard work.


Heal with Tobaira of the Waters

Small things can often make a difference in your healing process.



Yes, it can be as simple as beautiful socks. Wearing clothing that makes you feel valued or you enjoy can help. It seems superficial but if it supports you and comforts go for it. Underclothes with hearts on it is a go to for me. It makes me feel better and is a reminder to be kind to myself.


What makes you feel good and supports you? Seek them out in your life and make sure they happen especially when you are healing.


This is the base of self care. Self care needs to support, nurture, and help you move into who you want to be. The more simple you keep it the more likely it will happen regularly. Create a template that has your basics on it.


Don’t make it complicated, keep it super simple.


Food, water, exercise, hygiene are all part of basic self care. Don’t ignore them and create a complicated intervention when your energy is being put towards healing and changing. Those two things are plenty on your plate.


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