Illuminate & Activate

Illuminate & Activate

is part on my best practices.


All the things I do to keep me course. These practices help me resolve and understand where emotions that pop up out of the blue. Most are tied to something going on with a retrograde or eclipse.


Illuminate & Activate

That give you the base to work from and move into transformation. The Retrograde will help you do this. There’s also a Monthly Energy Planner to help you navigate the collective energy.

Illuminate your year with these videos.

They give you a base to start and help you sustain what you want to bring in for 2020.

The videos help you process what happened in 2020 and know what to look for in 2021. They can also help you identify the themes occurring in your life. These are the practices I use to get my year sorted out.


Activate energy with meditations and light language transmissions.

They help you know what you want to strive for and create energy flows to sustain it.

Light Language for bringing in energies of growth, strength, knowing and being. Four brand new meditations to help you move out of clear energy and activate it.


Illuminate & Activate your year with this download bundle.


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This averages out to $2.20 per item.

$40.00  This ends 2-12