Imbolg Art Spell

As I was making an art journal page for what I want for 2015 it made me realize that the concept was a bit like using Sigil Magick but without all the abstraction of words. You write your intentions down and cover them up and go about your life. It’s a simple way to work a spell and be creative at the same time.


Imbolg Art Spell

The theory behind sigils is you abstract your phrases or words. Then commit it to memory, ingrain it in your brain if you will so once you forget about it can do its job. I’ve used sigils with a fair amount of success. So as I was doing the page for 2015 I thought to myself hey this would be a great spell for Imbolg.


For me Imbolg evokes creativity and anything to do with fire. It also more importantly is about the time we really start being able to tell the sun is shining longer. Winter days are short and it feels like we pay for those beautiful lingering summer twilights in winter. It’s dark in the morning and the sun sets in the late afternoon. So the aspect of the Feast of the Waxing light is a big for me.


The creative aspect is what I usually chose to use in ritual. I’m not a set up a huge altar setter upper and magickal prep kind of gal. For the most part I like my solo rituals to be simple and easy to do. So something like doing an art page is right up may alley. You can use this one of two ways. You can use it to release what you no longer need or you can use it to bring in the energies you want in your life.


Don’t get caught up in planing this out, be spontaneous and have fun with it. Embrace imperfection. I had no idea what I was going to do for mine. I picked out a few colors, grabbed my brayer and brayered away. I felt it still needed something so I grabbed a palette knife and made squiggle marks to represent fire, which let the under painting peek out. Next were sentences around the edge, because I felt like it. I didn’t plan it out, I just went with it.


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