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Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.

Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.


The more we all embrace that we are going to not always be our best the easier life will be. Be willing to apologize, listen, and validate. Remember that everyone is in a different place no matter how similar it may look.


Kindness is going to go a long way to help

you cope and others cope.


Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.

Because Pluto goes retrograde on Saturday which is going to be one wild ride into the darkness. Check that blog out here.


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Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.

Now the Reveal

Piles this week are Sacred Rose Tarot and Hand Made Affirmation Decks.


Pile One
Eight of Swords and I am Abundant


Money has a ton of tension in it right now. Whether you are cash strapped or doing all right money is an area that’s being looked at careful and expenses gauged. That’s okay. What is not good is when you start to bind yourself into there is nothing, there will never nothing, and there’s never been any money ever! That’s not good and will make you feel that Eight of Swords trapped energy. Try to find some peace in the money right now. This peace can be very imperfect but do seek it out. Where has money got you freaking out? How can you bring in space here?


Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.

Pile Two
Four of Pentacles and Let It Go


Look at what you are doing well and make that your base right now. It is not time to focus on all the things you did wrong. There is enough anxiety in the collective for all of us a billion times over. You don’t need to add to it or your personal anxiety. Let go of what you did imperfectly today, this week, the month, year and see where you are rocking it. Knowing that you are doing something well will feel super good. Are you stuck in what’s not working out? How can you see what is working for you?


Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.

Pile Three
Two of Pentacles and Speak Truth

The choice to speak and the choice not to. Which camp are you in? The feel of it is if you are not speaking your words are trying to get out but you won’t let them. The others are spewing all out all the time. Both aren’t the best choice right now and probably feel exhausting. The trick is to find a place in the middle that you can exist instead of the extremes. Where are you on this spectrum? How can you find an imperfect in between?


Imperfect! Let it be imperfect this week.



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