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Interacting with the Fae

Interacting with the Fae



The Fae are a collective of beings who live within the earth. They are of the earth and this planet. They may have wings and fly, be very airy but at their core they are of this world and are said to live in it. The Fae are a protective force for this planet.


The sweet flitting fairy comes out of the Victorian era. They made the fairy something sweet and harmless. The Fae are anything but harmless and some them are so not sweet. Relationships with the Fae can be formed through respect and treating them with that respect.


Interacting with the Fae

Some of the best information we have on how to deal with the Fae comes down to us through the faery tale. Read a few especially those that deal with other entities, note what happens to the mean folks. Their fate is not so good or happy. In one Faery Tale a girl is asked to brush the hair of three heads. She obliges them and good things happen for her. Her sister decided she wanted some good things to happen to her. Well the sister came to the three heads and told them to piss off. She wasn’t brushing anyone’s head. The sister ended up with a fearsome stench about her for the rest of her life.

Three heads may have a rather humorous ending to it there are multiple examples of rudeness to the Fae ending up with some form of “curse” on the person. Faery tales provide important information on how to interact with the Fae and gives a solid roadmap to interaction.


The tops three things I have learned when

dealing with the Fae are…


Be polite. There are Fae out there who will not deal, talk, or want to be around you. Respect that and don’t try to force it. There are plenty of them who do want to interact with you focus on them.


Build a relationships and foster allies. Your Allies can help and guide you through their world. You don’t make demands on a person you have just met, don’t make demands of the Fae. Get to know them. Strong relationships in the Underworld is a good thing, especially if you meet up with something nasty your ally will come to your aid.


The Fae love chocolate, mint, ale, mead, and small offerings. I bought them a string of lovely blue beads after having my checkbook and keys be hidden. The beads hang on a small cabinet for the Fae and they stopped taking my stuff. They do not like iron. Iron will repeal them. This is why you see iron under front doors and under hearths to keep the Faery away. Not a good idea if you want to work with them.


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