Introducing the Moon Reading Subscription

Introducing the Moon Reading Subscription

New Reading Alert! New Reading Alert!


I am very delighted to introduce the Moon Subscription readings to you.


You might have guessed that they are based on the Moon cycles. The moon’s phases are something I‘ve been working with for years now and they are incorporated into my life. They can help you dig deep when you need to and set back when that is called for.


Introducing the Moon Reading SubscriptionShe’s going on 4 year now with the Moon Subscription reading.

There are two options! The Full Moon Reading and the New Moon Reading each one brings a different energy into them due to the phase of the Moon. There is no right or wrong one to choose. They both focus on what energies you need to pull in for that cycle of the moon.


If you are curious about how they will work take a look at my YouTube channel where I started doing them in December. If you get my newsletter or are in the Norton group you have already been exposed. But those are large collective energy readings and while they may hit the mark. They are not personalized for you like a Moon Subscription reading will be.


Moon Subscription Reading