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Is this real?

Is this real?


When you start working on a spiritual level for yourself and in your business you have the doubt pop up of is this real? How do I know that what I think is a sign is really a sign? It can be a toughie to work through sometimes. When do you know you are actually receiving the bread crumbs you need form the Universe?


Is It Real?

Only you can truly know what is a sign, it is your personal mythology that is going to give you the context to make sense of it. I do a fair amount of trance work and came to the conclusion long ago that it doesn’t really matter if I am somewhere else or it is all just happening in my mind. It just doesn’t really matter because either way it is real.


Is it real no longer concerns me. I’m perfectly fine with either, it is me and my experience that imbues it with meaning and context no matter where it comes from. It is still me who takes that info and puts it to work. That my brain can create something so complex and use symbols that I understand and sometimes some that I don’t is pretty freaking awesome. But so is going into the underworld in spirit.


Whether it happens literally or in a Jungian sense wither way your journey work, clues from the Universe, and many other things provide a richness to spiritual life that I am not willing to forgo. I chose to enjoy it and believe.


A Sacred Connection

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